My little “cupcakz” updates

Updating our vintage 1958 Shasta has been such a joy. This has been a group effort in most cases. Doug and I are fortunate to have both sets of parents live within 25 minutes and all very skilled. We appreciate their generosity by allowing us to park in their driveway, sharing their tools, and kindly providing us with fresh coffee and lively conversation. Personally I have tackled a few daunting tasks that I never thought I could ever do. I can proudly say I now know how to sew a zippered pillow cover, and I officially laid flooring tiles and grouted them all by myself! DIY girl power!



The camper when we first purchased was actually in excellent condition and a time capsule of sorts. Coming from a design background, I felt compelled to take it to the next level. The original flooring had been covered up, so adding an underlayment and new tiles was the smart thing to do. I found the flooring at Lowe’s which came in standard 12″x12″ size. We cut them to 9″x9″ like the originals and I feel like it was the best scale. I didn’t like the tiny cracks between them and figured they would just fill in with dust and dirt over time. I then researched grout for laminate tiles and bingo, I found the solution. I grouted in-between the tiles, by simply using my finger to press the grout into the tiny cracks. I then wiped the surface with a clean damp towel. Easy enough. I purchased armstrong polish for the finish coat from amazon. My local hardware stores only sold the shiny, but I preferred the matte finish.

New flooring pattern.
The camper door was original and in fair condition. Rather than sanding and refinishing with shellac, I decided to give it a coat of classic black chalk paint. We have had fun allowing our camping trips to be documented by having guests sign their name on the door. I’ve been of course photographing so we can remember those who have enjoyed and shared in our adventures. We did remove the screen door and I sanded it down, gave it a coat of Bulls Eye amber shellac and replaced the screen. Somebody has already broken it in with her little paws scratching away reminding us that she too wants to join in on the fun.

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