A la francaise

Version 2
Photographed by yours truly, Laura Shultice. Paris, France 2015 during my daughters graduation celebration.

It’s been a busy month. I am preparing my youngest to attend the university to study interior design. We’ve had so much fun hitting garage sales, scouring antique & second hand stores and strolled the isles of Home Goods and T.J.Maxx more times than I’d care to admit.  I am trying to mentally prepare myself for surviving an empty nest. Professionally, I sold a darling chateau to a very sweet couple and sold their home of 16 years. It was an emotional transition but leaves me with a great sense of reward. I made a French inspired picnic basket as a wedding gift to my niece & her husband. With the assistance of my brother John and mother, I have been putting the pieces together of our family history. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my great grandmother, (my mother’s grandmother), Susanna Santee was born in N.E. France. I deemed it appropriate to share with you my fascination and connection to the French culture.

The French way of life has always been a subject of admiration and fascination for the rest of the world. It’s gold standard of living, natural essences, effortless styles, and chic are all wrapped into one big beautiful culture. Needless to say traveling to France had my head spinning. Upon returning to the U.S., I needed to know more. I stumbled across the book “How to be Parisian wherever you are. Love, style, and bad habits”. Not a bad read. It graces my bookshelves today.


While in France, sachets were commonly found in most gift shoppes. Although native to southern France, lavender can be found in French homes all over the country. It’s strong familiar scent and its antibacterial properties make this a staple in multiple areas of the house. In the bedroom it is carefully hung on a bedpost to aid in a good night’s sleep. It is also placed in drawers and cabinets to ward off moths. We found one tucked in our bedroom armoire which scented our clothing wonderfully. My next door neighbor kindly gave me her abundance of lavender so I could make my own sachets.

My preferred modes of transportation, and a favorite scent, fresh lavender.  During the drying process my garage smells heavenly.
I embroidered these linen pouches to be given as small gift gestures.
Our Paris apartment rental was just perfect for our stay. If you have interest in renting your own, contact Parisperfect.com. A shout out to our hostess Victoria.
A selfie in the reflection of an aged French mirror.
Centre Pompidou, Paris.

We’ve been fortunate to provide our children with the opportunity of international travel. I love this picture that I photographed inside the Centre Pompidou gallery in Paris. It pretty much sums up my world…my family, and their innate ability to share my passion, the arts. Oh how I’ve been blessed a million times over with these three in my life.

“Eiffel Tower” purchased along the Seine River, Paris adorns my WC. Collecting art during my travels is my favorite souvenir.


Breathtaking in person, and one of my favorite masters. Self-portrait (1889) by Vincent van Gogh, Musee d’Orsay, Paris.

A quick French lesson for my husband, so you can understand my text messages.

Bonne nuit – Good night

Je t’aime – Love you

Crepes, art galleries, flea markets, the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore, lazy picnics, subways, wine, shopping, LV, perfume, fashion, the sparkling Eiffel Tower, evening strolls, Midnight in Paris, performance artists, Come Dine with Me, Disney… “Merci Paris”, your memory will be forever etched in my mind. “Je reviendrai en 2018!”

WG919Bundle_main.jpegWG919_main.jpeg WG502_main.jpeg

Ballard Designs, are offering these stunning prints for those wanting a bit of French inspiration in their own homes.

And these shoes are on my radar for the fall.

I’m anxiously awaiting a reproduction of “Diana Artemis of Versailles” to grace my newly designed living room. Photos and sources to follow.


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