MIKA-in my opinion, magnificent

SCENARIO: It’s late, I procrastinated painting all day so Annabelle played me some energizing beats. WOW, this guy is fabulous! 

Mika (/ˈmkə/; born Michael Holbrook Penniman, Jr. 




We made a 7:30 p.m. excursion to Lowe’s to purchase my favorite trim brush, the 2″ Purdy Clearcut before I even got started. Once the music played, it was game on. Have you heard of this guy, Mika? And while the music is loud, and we are laughing and dancing, this little one sleeps thru it all.

imageMy new sofa is being delivered tomorrow. A classic linen English roll arm that I purchased from Boxwoods Interiors. Anna has been gracing them with her talents for a while now.

A glimpse inside Boxwoods Interiors


I have no doubt this one is headed into the right creative direction. I asked her how she puts these amazing displays together without any assistance, and her reply “It’s like painting a picture”.

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