Wise words

may your walls

know joy;

may each room

hold laughter,

and may every window

open to great possibility

-Mary Anne Radracher-Hershey


My job as a realtor allows me such an intimate glimpse inside the world of my clients. Today I listed a home of a past client.  I once knew them as a couple with fresh hopes and dreams who were newly engaged at the time of their first home purchase. Fast forward a few years later and today they are blessed with a newborn baby, job advancements & poof, a new chapter begins. With careful guidance, I get the pleasure of being included in this transition.

Their baby, Maxine…her sweet blue eyes and delicate auburn hair is just the sweetest thing ever. I won’t mind seeing that sweet face as much as possible.  I saw her adorable bedroom looking like a page from Anthropologie and loved how it was decorated with both modern and Mid-Centurn modern furnishings. My favorite was a sweet little chair that adorned the room that was once belonged to my clients grandmother. These one-of-a-kind elements is what makes a house truly a home. Collections, new, old, reflecting those who are in possession….It began to rain as I placed a for sale sign in the yard.

It was a good day.

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